Spotlight on Sonya Eskoy, Vancouver Copywriter

Sonya Eskoy is a business’s outsourced creative mind and professional writer. She has a never-ending reservoir of ideas, and can definitely think outside the box. Another thing she can do really well is fine-tune good ideas and churn them into sharp copy. She excels at researching subjects, and molding language into succinct, usable, and tasteful communication.

It all began when Sonya decided to major in English at Simon Fraser University. Those fateful years, when she obtained her Bachelors degree and did writing and editing courses and workshops at said university, parlayed her skills into a job at Where Vancouver Magazine as listings editor, crossed over to write for the whimsical industries that are marketing and public relations, working with boutique public relations agency Spectacular Ink and then at the Canadian Tourism Commission, set the stage for her to break out on her own and offer her creative writing skills to the world.